Future Travel Credit Extension

Firstly, we'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our amazing customers that have stuck with us through one of the hardest times the tourism industry has ever seen. It has been a shining light for us to know that we have so many wonderful customers ready and waiting to get onto one of our tours.

You're the real MVP! 

Many of you have Future Travel credit with us that originally had an expiry date of 2021. As most of the world were still not able to travel freely in 2021, we have automatically extended all credit for use through to, and including the 2024 season, allowing you many years to come and experience a tour with us. 

Below is a reminder of how you can use your Fully Flexible travel credit; 

• Your Travel Credit is fully transferable for any tour date or destination.
• Name on your Travel Credit is fully transferable.
• Travel Credit can be split amongst multiple bookings.
• Travel Credit can be applied to any already discounted Sale fares.

• Bonus credit is no longer valid

We hope to see your smiling faces on one of our tours very soon :) 

The Koda Sail team