KODA SAIL Privacy Policy

  1. We won’t share your personal data e.g. e-mail ID or Contact Number, with any third party not related with Koda Sail.

  2. We won’t use your email ID and name other than sending information about an Koda Sail trip or to send you a newsletter.

  3. Our newsletter will always include a link for opting out anytime. As soon as you opt-out we will remove your e-mail ID from our database.

  4. We may display advertisements on the website, which may lead you to some external website. We are not responsible for the content of the external website.

  5. Google, one of our third-party advertisers, may add a cookie to determine targeted advertisements based on your preferences and your visit to our site and other sites on the internet. You can choose to opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

  6. We have instituted safeguards to check that our internal procedures meet our privacy policy standards. We also use our commercially reasonable efforts to be sure that third parties who work with us agree to protect personal information that they must access in order to serve our site and our visitors.

  7. Koda Sail maintains the security of your credit card data by the following measures: All online payments are transmitted immediately to a payment gateway solution via an encrypted port. Koda Sail does not store your credit card number in any of our systems. All credit card payments receive an identification number that is proof of the transaction’s acceptance into the banking system. This identification number can be used to trace any transaction back to the credit card issuer (for example, the bank that issued the MasterCard, or VISA credit card).

  8. Koda Sail collects personal information only to the extent necessary to deliver the services, products, or information you, or an agent or other passenger booking on your behalf, request.

  9. Koda Sail, either directly or through our agency and booking partners collects, holds, uses and discloses, only as necessary the personal information provided from our customers and others in the course of offering services or providing services to you. The collection of your personal information is done only to allow us to provide services to you as requested

  10. We may also collect personal information, including contact information, if you elect to enter a contest or sweepstakes with us, to subscribe to our newsletter, which we will use only to provide you with the service you have requested.

  11. Koda Sail collects personal information from those individuals applying for employment or similar positions at Koda Sail to the extent necessary to (i) identify the individual and (ii) evaluate their suitability for the position applied for. This information may include name, contact information, educational and employment background, criminal record information, residency and/or citizenship information, and other information necessary for us to screen potential employees and staff.

  12. Koda Sail collects personal information from agents and agencies to the extent required to allow agents to book Koda Sails’ trips, and to be properly credited for such booking, as necessary and as dictated by the relationship between the agent and Koda Sail. Such information may include name, employment relationship or employer information, work or business address, etc. If you are an agent travelling with Koda Sail, Koda Sail may collect the personal information noted above for other travelling passengers, as well as other employment or eligibility information. This information may be collected directly from you, or from your employer (where authorized).

  13. Where the collection of certain details of your personal information is not required in order to deliver requested services or products, you may forgo providing such details.