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Croatia has been Throned. Long live the King!

You can't ignore it any longer, Croatia is the real deal baby. Greek islands and Ibiza it's time to step down because the new kid on the block is here to take the throne.

After all, Dubrovnik is known as 'Kings Landing' now with the Game of Thrones being filmed there.


If you're looking for an incredible coastline, deep blue seas dotted with islands and beautiful historic towns, great food and a buzzing nightlife, then sailing Croatia is your answer. 

It's a place where you could very easily settle into for weeks on end, visiting beaches, waterfalls, exploring towns, sipping red wine at side street cafe for less than €8 a bottle or a beer for €2 and eating cuisine quality food for every meal.


Located just outside of the typical tourist trail in Western Europe, it has been able to maintain a great deal of it’s charm as an off the beaten path destination. 

It is much cheaper than most touristy European destinations, yet it’s one that offers amazing experiences and exceeds all it's expectations from the moment you arrive.  


It’s very easy to find yourself saying ‘this is the life’ when the warm Mediterranean summer climate kicks in, and the sun is shining day in and day out!

The best time to travel to Croatia is June, July and August as the coastline is scattered with some of the best music festivals in Europe. The whole country has a special Summer buzz to it.


These are just some of the draws that have made Croatia an increasingly popular hot spot to travel. Sailing in Croatia is on the bucketlist of every traveller passing through Europe. Make sure it's on yours!

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