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Image by Hazal Ozturk



KODA SAIL Blue Voyage
BV Inclusions

Fethiye to Fethiye


14 Nights - Saturday to Saturday

Make the most out of your time in Turkey and do the ultimate Blue Voyage by combining the South and West route for an epic 2 week sailing trip!

Tour Highlights
  • Start your days by diving off the boat into the turquoise blue Mediterranean sea with our daily swim stops

  • Snorkel the scenic Turkish coastline and see the Caretta Turtles

  • Hike in the world famous Butterfly Valley at the foothill of the Babadag mountains

  • Enjoy an included cooking class on board and learn how to make some of Turkey's most delicious local treats.

  • Party like a pirate in Smugglers Cove!

  • Watch the magical sunset on St Nicholas Island

  • Enjoy a sea kayaking tour and visit the sunken city of Kekova

  • Party in the yachting paradise marina town of Marmaris

  • Experience an authentic local dinner at Kekova bay with spit roasted lamb

  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz, the most photographed place in Asia
  • Add some adventure with our Paragliding or Scuba diving excursions
  • Hike to see the ruins of the ancient settlement of Amos
  • Take a cruise on the Dalyan Delta and enjoy a traditional Turkish bath



  • 14 nights charter with an experienced Local Captain & Crew

  • All meals included, prepared fresh by our Local chef on board

  • Double & Twin Share rooms with Private en-suites

  • Use of Air-Condition included on all boats

  • Free drinking water on board 

  • Free unlimited WiFi on board

  • Sun lounges on deck

  • Housekeeping with fresh linen and bath towels


  • Your very own energetic Koda Sail Rep on board with you

  • Orientations of all of our destinations

  • All entry fees for historical sites in the itinerary

  • Authentic local spit-roast lamb dinner experience at Kekova bay 

  • Port Tax - All Harbour and Marina fees included 


BV Itinerary
Day 1: Saturday

Our ultimate sailing adventure begins from the vibrant and picturesque town of Fethiye, where the locally crafted Turkish gulets embark for a week full of sun along the Turkish coastline. ​

We check into our gulet in the afternoon where you will meet your fellow passengers and Koda Sail crew before setting sail to our first stop, Tarzan Bay.


Jump (or swing!) into the refreshing water for the first swim of the day and enjoy a delicious feast for dinner as we moor overnight in Tarzan bay

Day 2: Sunday

In the morning we make our way to the truly stunning Butterfly Valley, which lies at the opening of two looming mountains. Breakfast is served and afterwards you can swim to the beach. For those wanting to venture a little further, there is a wonderful 45 minute walk that leads to a pretty waterfall.


For lunch we cruise over to the beautiful Oludeniz Blue Lagoon for an afternoon dip. Thousands of paragliders jump from the mountain here, watching them soar above is an incredible site. If you are craving this truly heart-pumping experience for yourself, we can organise a jump from Mount Baba Dag for you! ​


Then it's on to the legendary St Nicholas Island. Here you can partake in many water sports, taste some fresh gozleme or take a mini hike up to the top of St Nicholas Island for a magical sunset. The afternoon is yours to enjoy!

Day 3: Monday
to KAS

​This morning we cruise into the crystal blue waters of Aquarium Bay for a swim and snorkel. The bay is all yours to explore until we call you back for lunch on board.


In the afternoon, we head towards Kas Harbour where we'll dock for the evening. Here you can wander the old cobbled streets, explore the fantastic jewellery markets, or take an optional scuba diving excursion! ​


After dinner on board, it's time to check out the lively night life in Kaş. It could be a late night with lots of dancing. It's a great spot to watch the sun come up!

Day 4: Tuesday

Before we set sail today, you have a chance to stock up on snacks, sunscreen, turkish towels, jewellery and handicrafts or maybe just another Turkish coffee! Today we voyage to Limangazi, yet another gorgeous bay. Stretch out on a sunbed with a book or learn to play backgammon and try to keep up with the locals!

Our next stop is the traditional fishing village of Ucagiz. This quaint old fishing port has managed to retain its charm, where you’ll want to spend an hour or two strolling through the village. Look out for the 2000-year-old Lycian tombs that are found scattered amongst the houses and can even be seen submerged in the sea.


As the sun drops we will moor in Aperlai Bay to enjoy a special Spit Roasted Lamb and some Turkish delicacies. This is a once in a lifetime local experience.

Day 5: Wednesday

After breakfast we cruise on to the famous Sunken City of Kekova, now a UNESCO Heritage site. Here we'll have our included guided sea kayaking tour to view the ruins through the crystal blue water.


Across the bay we visit Simena Castle, with centuries of history and a glimpse into the country’s Ottoman past. Some of the best ice cream on the Mediterranean can be found here. After a day sightseeing the boat will dock in Gokkaya Bay offering you plenty of time to cool off with a swim and unwind. Caretta Turtles breed in this area, and if you are lucky you may get to swim with them. ​


Later in the evening, we head to Smugglers Island for a bit of fun. Here you can let your hair down and party like a pirate until the early hours!

Day 6: Thursday

After breakfast this morning we cruise towards Hidayet Bay, stopping at a few hidden bays along the way for more swimming and snorkelling.


Later in the afternoon we pull up anchor and head towards Firnaz Bay, which will be tonight's stop. Here we'll dig into some local Turkish delicacies for our family feast dinner on board. Enjoy a chilled night on the deck under the stars. Magic!

Day 7: Friday

This morning’s stunning destination is Gemiller Beach, where we will drop anchor for a morning of pure rest and relaxation. Surrounded by pines and olive trees this bay is nicely sheltered from the vibrant port of nearby Fethiye, but well enough catered for that you can make the most of the water-sports on offer.


Today there is an optional excursion to the fascinating town of Kayakoy, a former Greek village that is now a deserted ghost town since being abandoned at the end of the First World War. In the late afternoon after a final swim stop, we make our way back to Fethiye harbour to spend the night.


Tonight, we eat dinner on board then venture out and experience the vibrant nightlife Fethiye has to offer. Whether its neon lights and dancing that you like or a quiet bar in a back street, Fethiye has something for everyone. We toast to an amazing 1st week on the seas and all of the memories so far!

Day 8: Saturday

This morning marks the half way point of our epic Blue Voyage. You'll enjoy one last breakfast with those that are not continuing on for the 2nd week. We're sure there will be many tears not only as you say goodbye, but from them being sad they aren't doing another week of sailing.


You'll have today to explore more of Fethiye on your own, before meeting back up to start our 2nd week on board, this time heading West. You'll be introduced to our new passengers before setting sail to the beautiful Göcek Bay.

Our first stop today will be the Yassıca Islands. These islands with their gorgeous views and crystal clear waters are ideal for our first swim stop of the week before cruising to Bedri Rahmi Bay, named after the esteemed master of Turkish literature, art and painting, Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu.

In the summer of 1973, during a cruise with close friends, he drew a fish on a huge rock. This ‘Fish Rock’ located at the entrance of the blue bay still greets passengers. In fact, the region itself is known as ‘Fish Rock’ in honor of the great master.

It is also known for its pine and olive trees covering the hills behind the Oleander flowers, small beaches and turquoise waters, creating a majestic sight! Here we will overnight in this beautiful bay.

Image by Clay LeConey
Sarsala Bay Turkey
Day 9: Sunday

We start today with a short cruise during breakfast to the region of Manastir Bay and head directly for Cleopatra’s Bath Bay to see the submerged ruins of an old Hamam (Turkish Bath) in the water. Revel in the stories that you are swimming in the very water where Cleopatra herself used to bathe and holiday with her lover Marc Antony.

Thermal volcanic activity in the hills behind this bay leads to naturally warm hot-springs and a crater lake whose waters used to feed the ancient Hamam. This bay cannot be reached by road or land which makes it even more special.


In the distance through the pine trees is the Lycian hiking trail where you might spot some of the Lycian tombs carved in the hills. We are very close to another ancient city known as Lydae, famous for its Roman and Byzantine ruins of temples, mausoleums, cisterns and other ancient structures.

This afternoon we'll anchor in Sarsala Bay, once home to the governor of Egypt under the Ottoman Empire.

A beautiful bay, with a long stony beach surrounded by pine forestry mountains. An ideal spot for an evening swim before dinner on board.

Day 10: Monday

Today we sail over to Kumlubuku Bay, which is overlooked by the ruins of the ancient settlement of Amos.

The hike up to this important historic site where there is an acropolis, an amphitheatre, a temple and an altar dedicated to Dionysus to explore, is also rewarded with spectacular views out over the bay. After your hike, enjoy a swim and some snorkelling in the crystal clear waters before we head over to the vibrant city of Marmaris.

More than fifty shades of green and blue can be seen around Marmaris and her abundance of bays. Marmaris is a natural port, with ancient cities, natural attractions and a marina for 800 boats, making it a paradise for tourists from around the world. We like to call it the Mykonos of Turkey as it is one of the most elegant yachting resorts along the Turkish Riviera.

Many choices of shops, cafes and restaurants can be found along the cute winding narrow streets of the town as well as some of the best clubs and bars in the region. The perfect destination for both photographers and nightlife lovers.

Image by sebastian de rutte
Image by Dilek Durgun
Day 11: Tuesday

After a fun night out on the town, we slow down the pace again and sail across the bay to Ekincik, an unspoiled natural wonder with beauty that will take your breath away. The 2km long stretch of the unspoilt gravel beach meets a small harbour, where the scenery is stunning and you can get to see some local wildlife.

Our optional excursion today to Dalyan will start with a swim at Turtle beach before enjoying the natural beauty of the delta as you sail along in the river boat. You will see the ancient Rock Tombs carved out of the cliffs (2500+ years old!), and finally arrive at the mud baths to relax and be rejuvenated. The warm water softens the skin and eliminates wrinkles because it contains high ratio sulphur.

The ancient city of Kaunos with its ruins dating back to 3000 years lies here in the village of Dalyan, surrounded by pine-clad hills, cotton fields and miles of untouched coastline.

Along the beach, the endangered Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta Caretta) and the green turtle (Chelonia Mydas) have returned to lay their eggs since the beginning of time. With the nesting time being from May till October, you should be lucky enough to spot these beautiful creatures!

Day 12: Wednesday

This morning you can take your wake up swim at Ağa Limani, a secluded and cosy cove where only a few boats can set anchor at any one time. It's definitely one of those hidden gems with a small white sandy beach where you can swim ashore and sunbathe with plenty of privacy.

Have a snooze right there on the beach or hike up the slopes to the nearby ruins to get a stunning view of the entire cove, including Domuz island. Nicknamed Prince Island from the locals, but the actual name of Domuz (which translates to pig), come from the wild pigs that were found here once upon a time.

Tonight another delicious dinner on board awaits you, followed by a chilled evening with a few wines on board while staring up at the star filled sky.

Image by Eugene Bokhan
Day 13: Thursday

Today's adventure takes us to the Tersane Islands, also known as the Shipyard Islands. A deep blue 100m long channel provides entry into these islands, where ruins of ancient houses can be seen on our sail in.


These islands were the most secure for sailors during the Byzantine period and today provide shelter from the wind making it the perfect spot to stop for a swim. The water in this area is stunning and so crystal clear, that often you will see many fish swimming along beside you.

After a great swim stop we will head back to the famous Blue Lagoon. If you didn't get a chance to have a go at para-gliding the first time around, then today's your day! Otherwise, you'll have more free time to enjoy the lagoon and the local seaside town. Grab yourself an ice-cream! 

Following a dip in the most photographed waters of the Mediterranean, we will make our way back to the legendary St Nicholas Island. To top off this epic day, you must join us on our mini hike up to the lighthouse on top of St Nicholas Island for a picture perfect sunset. 

If you made the hike up there last week, you know it's worth a second look!

Day 14: Friday

After breakfast you'll get to enjoy a quick dip at St Nicholas Island before we pull up the anchors and head to another beautiful bay in Fethiye gulf called Tarzan bay. On arrival you'll see why the bay is named after Tarzan as you'll get your chance to 'swing' into crystal-clear turquoise water.


After lunch, get your last bit of zen in from the calm seas before we sail back to the vibrant and lively city of Fethiye for your final night out. Get in some last minute shopping or wander around this beautiful port town.

Tonight, we eat our final dinner on board and salute our amazing chef, before heading out to experience the vibrant nightlife Fethiye has to offer, for a memorable final night on tour.


Together we toast to an amazing voyage on the seas with Koda Sail. ​ Whether its the colourful neon lights of the bar street where you can dance the night away, or a quiet bar in a back streets where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, Fethiye has something for everyone.

Tomorrow morning our cruising adventure on the south-west coast of Turkey comes to an end. Enjoy one last breakfast as you fare-well your crew and fellow passengers, aka your new lifelong friends :)

What are you waiting for? It's time to get on board. Let's get sailing!

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