Where East meets West, Turkey shows you why it's best!

To much surprise due to it's long history, Turkey is quite a modern country with a captivating blend of antiquity and contemporary, juxtaposing the West and the East. Life in Turkey is a rich variety of cultures and traditions, some dating back centuries. Anyone visiting Turkey will find a great deal that is exotic, and much that is reassuringly familiar. The surprising blend of East and West makes up the Turkish lifestyle.

You will find the coastline of Turkey to be some of the most beautiful in the world. It is along these long shores where there are so many great beaches to choose from, all with the scenery of the Aegean, Mediterranean, or Black Sea Coast. Each has something to offer and are a unique blend of history, natural wonder and culinary variety.

Located just outside of the typical tourist trail in Western Europe, it has been able to maintain a great deal of it’s charm as an off the beaten path destination, especially in the south. 

It is a lot cheaper than most touristy European destinations, yet it’s one that offers amazing experiences and exceeds all it's expectations from the moment you arrive.

It’s very easy to find yourself saying ‘this is the life’ when the warm Mediterranean summer climate kicks in, and the sun is shining day in and day out!

The best time to sail the Turkish coastline is June through to September as the weather is just bliss!

These are just some of the draws that are making a Turkey sailing experience, such an increasingly popular vacation. Sailing in Turkey is on the bucket-list of every traveller passing through Europe. Make sure it's on yours!

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