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The currency used in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL)


The Turkish Lira, along with the related currencies of Europe and the Middle East, has its roots in the ancient Roman unit of weight known as the Libra which referred to the Troy pound of silver. The Roman libra adoption of the currency spread it throughout Europe and the Near East, where it continued to be used into medieval times. The Turkish Lira, the French Livre, the Italian Lira, and the British Pound are the modern descendants of the ancient currency. 

The 'Pound' is a translated version of the Roman libra. Notice that the word 'Pound' as a unit of weight is still abbreviated as 'lb'. Mind blown! 

Can you use other currencies in Turkey other than the Lira?
The short answer is yes, but officially no. Depending on the vendor, y
ou may be able to pay in Euros or USD for certain items such as accommodation, transport and also in some restaurants. It is not a requirement for a business to have to accept any currency other than the Turkish Lira, so make sure you check beforehand that it's OK for them. Generally they wont provide change in another currency, so best you have small notes to make it an easy transaction.

Converting your local money into Lira is a lot more favourable on the exchange if doing in Turkey rather than in your home country. Download the app for up to date rates so you can confidently make your comparisons at the exchange booth. If you can get close to the official rate, then you know you've done well!

If you are not happy with the exchange, you can always exchange in a bank branch, or better still just leave the cash at home and retrieve it directly out of the ATM as many banks these days give very fair exchanges. It would be worth checking in with your local bank beforehand so you know of any hidden fees.

Major port towns in Turkey will have ATMs that are linked to international banking networks, however some of the smaller towns may not even have ATM facilities at all so always prepare a few days ahead.
These days credit cards showing the Visa or MasterCard symbol are recognised and accepted in most tourist areas, however if travelling off the beaten track, it wouldn't hurt to go old school and have some cash on hand.

Please note that while onboard with us, any extra expenses such as excursions, bar tabs and tips etc will need to be paid in cash and should ideally be in Turkish Lira or Euro.
Your helpful Koda Sail rep will be able to point you in the right direction of where the closest ATM's are along the way so you're not always carrying a lot of cash around for no reason.

Check to see how the Lira fares against your home currency.

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