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Where East meets West,

Turkey shows you why it's best!

To much surprise due to it's long history, Turkey is quite a modern country with a captivating blend of antiquity and contemporary, juxtaposing the West and the East. Life in Turkey is a rich variety of cultures and traditions, some dating back centuries. Anyone visiting Turkey will find a great deal that is exotic, and much that is reassuringly familiar. The surprising blend of East and West makes up the Turkish lifestyle.

You will find the coastline of Turkey to be some of the most beautiful in the world. It is along these long shores where there are so many great beaches to choose from, all with the scenery of the Aegean, Mediterranean, or Black Sea Coast. Each has something to offer and are a unique blend of history, natural wonder and culinary variety.

Located just outside of the typical tourist trail in Western Europe, it has been able to maintain a great deal of it’s charm as an off the beaten path destination, especially in the south. 

It is a lot cheaper than most touristy European destinations, yet it’s one that offers amazing experiences and exceeds all it's expectations from the moment you arrive.

It’s very easy to find yourself saying ‘this is the life’ when the warm Mediterranean summer climate kicks in, and the sun is shining day in and day out!

The best time to sail the Turkish coastline is June through to September as the weather is just bliss!

These are just some of the draws that are making a Turkey sailing experience, such an increasingly popular vacation. Sailing in Turkey is on the bucket-list of every traveller passing through Europe. Make sure it's on yours!

Want to know more about Turkey?

Check out our FAQ's page for all those little extra bits you need to know. 



Turkey is a country that straddles both Europe and Asia, bordering Bulgaria and Greece in the west and Armenia, Georgia, and Iran in the Middle East.

From New York, a non-stop flight is 9h 45m and from London, it is just 3h 50m.


To the confusion of some, Although the largest city, Istanbul is NOT the capital, it is in fact Ankara.
Nestled in the heart of Turkey it is a good waypoint when going to tourist destinations like Cappadocia.


The official language of Turkey is Turkish. Amongst the younger population and the tourist areas, English is widely spoken but it would be best to learn some basic Turkish phrases before your trip.


Turkey uses the Turkish Lira (YTL). US dollars are also unofficially accepted throughout the country, especially in the tourist areas. 

ATMs are widely available but it's advisable to have some cash with you, especially for the markets!


Australian, Canadian, UK and US citizens must purchase an e-Visa ahead of departure for stays of up to 60 or 90 days, depending on the country. Make sure you check visa requirements before you travel.


Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B vaccinations are advised, but not compulsory.

Consult your doctor 4 to 6 weeks before you depart.

COVID Requirements:

Unvaccinated visitors must have a printed or electronic negative COVID-19 test result. The test must be a PCR test taken a maximum of 72 hours before arrival or an antigen test taken a maximum of 48 hours before arrival in Turkey.


Standard voltage is 230-240 volts. Primary sockets generally require the 2 round-pin variety, similar to most EU sockets.

You will need a voltage converter and plug adaptor in order to use U.S. appliances.


Keep these phone numbers handy in case of emergency:

Police 155
Ambulance 112
Fire 110

Where we sail


Want to know a little bit more about where we sail and what to look forward to during your Koda Sail adventure...then read on friends!

Don't forget, you can always contact us at anytime if you want to know more about our tours. Destinations info, things to do, food to eat, cocktails to drink, what airport to fly into, what the weather will be like, how awesome your tan will be, whatever you like, ask away!



The largest seaside town along the Turquoise Coast, Fethiye is home to close to 200,000 people. During the Summer months, the marina is bustling with holiday-makers here to soak up the unlimited sunshine. The average temp over the Summer is a perfect 32c / 90f! 

Just 2 miles  south of the marina is the famous Blue Lagoon (pictured). The view from the top is amazing and you have the opportunity to see it from above on a tandem paraglide.


Voted as one of the worlds top places to paraglide, you'll no doubt agree as you soar like an eagle above this beautiful coastline.



St Nicholas island (also known as Gemiler Island) is said to be home to the original tomb of St Nicholas. Yes, that St Nick (Ho Ho Ho!).

This island is visited by many, not only because of it's rich Byzantine history, but also because this island has one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the world. 

Take a mini hike up to the top of St Nicholas Island after an afternoon of swimming in the bay for the most magical sunset you will ever see!


The lively harbour town of Kaş has a lot of charm to it with it's old cobbled streets and colorful local markets, full of intricate jewellery.

Within a short walking distance is the still-visible ruins site of ancient Antiphellos, including an amphitheatre. 

The lively summer night life in Kaş is one not to miss. Start the night off slow with a shisha and some rooftop cocktails befre dancing the night away.


It's quite common to see the streets full of life after midnight as a stroll back to the boat will definitely swing by the late night kebab shop! #Goodtimes


A small Turkish island famous for its Sunken City. 

An ancient town which was destroyed by an earthquake during the 2nd century is preserved under the seas surface and is now a UNESCO Heritage site.


The best way to see the sunken city is by kayak. Hover over it and easily see the ruins below through the crystal blue water.


Across the bay is the impressive Simena Castle, with centuries of history and a glimpse into the country’s Ottoman past. Some of the best ice cream on the Mediterranean can be found here.  Enough said!


There's more to see in Turkey, so why not add on some more adventure before or after your tour with a visit to these destinations

Image by Erkan YILDIZ

Although storybook visions of colourful hot air balloons are what come to mind when you name drop Cappadocia, there’s more to it than Instagram suggests.


Temples cut into rocks and an underground city is more of what’s on offer, whilst its valleys host hiking trails that are as scenic as the views from above.

Add it onto your Sailing tour or

see it on our ANZAC Footsteps tour

Image by Arns Civray

Though Cappadocia has reached an almost impossible level of popularity, Turkey boasts other sights that are equally picturesque. Take Pamukkale, for example.


Its travertine terraces of hot springs have drawn weary, pamper-seeking travellers through the ages. Dip your feet in the Pamukkale Antique Pool in the nearby Hierapolis.

Add it onto your Sailing tour or

see it on our ANZAC Footsteps tour

Image by Jennifer Martin

Three kilometres from the town of Selçuk is the ancient city of Ephesus. It was once one of the most important Greek cities in Asia Minor, and its ruins are now famous world over.


There’s much to see here but the most beautiful remnants might just be the Temple of Hadrian, Library of Celsus, Temple of Artemis and the amphitheatre. While you’re there, stop by the House of the Virgin Mary.

See it on our ANZAC Footsteps tour

Image by Tarik Haiga

The Gallipoli Peninsula has played its part in history and has endured several wars including World War I, whose haunting battlefields now host a number of war memorials.


Learn about the ill-fated Gallipoli events by seeing the 3D exhibits at the Çanakkale Epic Presentation Centre in the village of Kabatepe as well as visiting the Lone Pine Cemetery and ANZAC Cove landing site.

See it on our ANZAC Footsteps tour

Image by Adli Wahid
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