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We understand the world is a different place right now with the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus, and there is some uncertainty around travel at the moment. To help ease your mind with any of our tours, we have outlined our assurances on all new and existing bookings.

For those with travel already booked, or those thinking about booking travel for this year or 2021, it's likely you have concerns and questions around the matter. During these uncertain times, we know that flexibility and confidence can be invaluable, and we understand you might be apprehensive when it comes to booking a tour right now.

To help answer any concerns, we have outlined our assurances for all new and existing bookings below

Risk-Free refundable deposits on Early-Bird bookings for 2021 season:

Fully refundable deposits in case of COVID-19 travel disturbances or travel restrictions on all bookings made before July 31st 2021.

Travel Credit & Refunds:

If your tour gets postponed or you can't travel due to any COVID-19 restrictions, we will offer flexible options on your booking that include bonus travel credit for future use on any tour in any destination.
You also will have the option to not to take the bonus travel credit and cancel your spot entirely. In this circumstance, for bookings made after July 31st 2021, we have upgraded the policy so that you do not forfeit your non-refundable deposit, it will be converted to travel credit for use on any future tours, in any destination valid for 24mths. For bookings made before July 31st 2021, your deposit is fully refundable due to any COVID-19 restrictions as per above.

Flexible Changes:

For existing bookings, we’ve dropped our trip transfer fee. This means you can transfer your trip, up to 30 days before your scheduled departure date onto another trip within the same season, subject to availability. A difference in fare payment may apply if the departure you choose to change to is a higher fare.

No hassle, no questions asked and no charge. If you choose to amend your booking, you can select any new destination or departure date. Simply get in touch with us to make the change. 

Longer Payment Options:

Final payment for our tours can now be made as close as 45 days before departure date, allowing you to have the time to make last minute decisions on your trip. 

Insurance Advice:
Whilst some insurance plans offer CFAR (cancel for any reason) policies, or cover pandemic outbreaks, many don’t, and, if they do, it’s usually offered as an add-on. We recommend checking that your current travel insurance policy allows you to make your journey and that you’re adequately covered for all possible trip eventualities, including trip cancellation and curtailment.

If you need to make a claim, any policies purchased before Jan 22nd 2020 are being given higher preference as that generally is the cut-off date before COVID-19 being a known concern as deemed by most insurance companies. If you purchased your insurance after that date, you are still entitled to put in a claim as they are being reviewed on a case by case scenario.

Up-to-date travel advice:

You can keep up to date with any current Travel Alerts here with any new information that directly impacts any of our itineraries. There’s a large amount of information out there, some of it incredibly useful, and some of it less so. Travellers looking for more information should stick to local government advice and resources, and check any travel restrictions that may affect the countries they plan on visiting or are transiting through.

Contact Us:

As always, you can contact us directly with any questions you may have. See our Contacts page for ways to get in touch with us