Once your trip is booked and the countdown is on, the number 1 question you're going to ask is...

What do I pack?

We've put together a handy little list to help you stuff that suitcase full of useful goodies (and leave home the not so useful ones!)



Packing for your trip can be niggly, so we've made it easy with some handy tips.

How much can I pack?

On our trips you have the space to place your suitcase under your bed. There is a even closet in each room so you are able to hang out some of those clothes that have been scrunched up from your travels so far. (Note: Irons are not permitted to be used on board our vessels as they are a fire hazard, so hanging them up is the second best thing).

Now even though there is a closet, this doesn't mean that you should go nuts and pack your whole wardrobe! We recommend you keep it simple and bring one bag or suitcase with a max weight of 25kg (55lbs) & one piece of hand luggage. 
Remember that you will have to carry your bag onto the boat, so you don't want it to be too heavy.

What should I pack?

As well as all the standard stuff you'd be packing, here are a couple of ideas about what else you might need;
Swimwear - This will be your main outfit!

Beach Bag - Especially handy when on the land and just want to take some essential items. 

Sunglasses - Look cool and reflect the sun :)

Comfy walking shoes/sandals - No need for high heels. These European cobble stone streets weren't built for them!
Sneakers/closed toe shoes - Requirement for Zip Line excursion (Croatia) and hikes (Turkey)  

Water Shoes - You know those very non-fashionable plastic/rubber shoes those Europeans wear on the beach (see them here). Well they are very practical, especially for our Rafting excursion. No need to buy them beforehand, you can pick them up easily enough at any seaside town. 

Evening outfits & shoes - Even though you’ll be living in your swim wear, it’s a great idea to pack something a bit nicer for a night out.

Light jacket/sweater - Even though the weather in Croatia/Turkey is predominantly hot, you should bring a jacket/sweater just in case it gets cool of an evening.

Nautical Night (Croatia) - For those coming on our Croatia tours, we have a Nautical night theme where we encourage everyone to dress in Blue/White which most people have in their suitcase anyways. You don't need to go crazy and bring anything special from home for this night, as there's plenty of opportunities throughout the week to get your hands on a sailors hat! Click HERE for an idea of what our groups in the past wear.

Active wear - Yeah, it's a thing. Google it. Totally optional, but our Yogis demanded we tell you this haha! 

Medical stuff - Get motion sickness? Be prepared with your own stash of tablets.

Sunscreen - Bring your own supply from home as you may not be able to get the same quality here in Europe.

Reusable drink bottle - Handy to have on you to refill water from those fresh fountains. Also great for the environment :)

Travel adaptors - All appliances require a double round pin type plug for 220 volts, AC, 50 hertz.

Camera, GoPro and spare memory cards 

USB stick - This will come in handy when sharing those large pics/video files that other guests might have, especially if someone has a drone!! That footage is always unreal to share on your socials :)

Portable speakers - We have music playing on board our boats, but you may want to have your own to take down the beach with you. 

Inflatable Water toys - You'll be able to pick these up at each port we stop at, but feel free to pack that big inflatable swan for some awesome pics!

A travel diary & a good book! - We're always up for swapping our reads at the end of the week to give you something fresh for your next leg of the trip.

Do I need to pack a towel? 
No need to pack a bathroom towel, we’ll provide them for you. Beach towels are also provided for our tours in Croatia and Maldives. If you wanted to purchase your own beach towel, there are many available in each town so there's no need to pack one from home.  

...and don't forget 

Your passport - Ensure it has at least 6 months validity on it before you leave home. A lot of countries, including Croatia and Turkey may refuse entry with anything less than 6 months remaining on your passport. 

Your trip documents 

Travel insurance details

Visas (if applicable)

Credit cards & cash (Currency info: Croatia, Turkey, Maldives)

A spare print-out of all your important details

Unlock your phone before you leave. This will allow you to buy a sim card when you are overseas. There are great pre-paid data plans when you get to Europe, it might be a lot cheaper to do it this way than pay for international roaming.

Only bring what you need

It’s a good idea to double think about what to bring with you for your cruise. You’ll be spending most of your days in the water and out and about on the beach, so only pack what you can’t live without.

Remember, you can buy stuff here!

When travelling, sometimes you fall into the trap of thinking you have to bring everything from home!
For example, there's no need to pack Shampoo when you can buy it from the Supermarket when you get here. Packing that stuff from home is an accident in your suitcase just waiting to happen!

Pack like a pro!

Check out what Fitness and Lifestyle blogger Lauren Schramm packed for her Koda Sail trip. Also her guide to what to pack for your overall Euro trip. 

Packing Guide for Croatia

Packing guide for Europe

We've been lucky enough to have Lauren join us a few times to run our special Yoga tours. Check out the fun she had on one of her week's last Summer HERE and give her a follow on Insta!

Travel Tips for Flying

Here are some of our top flying hints before you leave home.

• Carry your travel documentation, camera & books/magazines in your hand luggage.

• Double, make that TRIPLE check that you’ve got your passport!

• Don’t forget that most airlines have 50ml liquid restrictions that must fit in one plastic bag – so make sure yours fit.

• Buying Duty Free is great, but double check the limits.

• Travelling can dry you out, especially on long haul flights. Take an empty drink bottle on board & asking for it to be filled with water, to avoid jumping up & down for re-fills

• Stay awake as long as you can when you arrive to help adjust to local time, fast.


Croatia - As of Jan 1st 2023, Croatia has switched from Kuna to Euro currency. Check out our info on the Euro here

Turkey - The main currencies you’ll find in Turkey is the Lira, Euro and USD. Check out our info on the Turkish Lira here

Maldives - The main currencies you’ll find in the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa and USD. Check out our info on the Maldivian Rufiyaa here

Your Koda Sail rep will help you know where the best places are to find ATMs and currency exchanges when you’re on tour.