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Why you should go travelling with your bestie

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

No matter how serious life gets, you still have that one person you can be completely stupid with.

That's what friendship is all about. What's life without a little bit of crazy, and having someone to share that with makes it double the fun.

We at Koda Sail have seen many friendships form before our eyes on tour, but it's those long lasting besties that come on our trips and choose to share yet another life long memory together, is what we love seeing the most.

The friends that have stories from 'back in the old day', the ones that have been there from day dot, that have shared the highs and lows, the ones that make you laugh louder, smile brighter and live better, they are your besties and after travelling together, they'll be in your heart for life.

Here's our top reasons why you should go travelling with your bestie.

You can share eachothers clothes

So, this pretty much means you both save on packing space cos you can share those essential items. You get double the rotation with a shared wardrobe. Winning!

Experience new things in new places

You’ll most likely experience something you haven’t seen in your hometown or where you are living now. You need someone that understands where you come from to really appreciate how special this moment is.

Whether it is the way people act, or the rules of the country you’re traveling to being completely different, sharing this with your friends will create memories for a lifetime.

You can share your food

There's always that second dish on the menu that you really want to try, but you've already got your tastebuds frothing for something else. Then your friend says they'll pick that second dish and you can share it. That's what friends are for. Unless you're Joey...

You need someone to take good photos for you.

You're on vacation, so no doubt you'll be stuffing your facebook feed with loads of pics. There's only so many selfies you can take before your freinds back home start blocking your posts, so mix it up and hand over the camera to your travel buddy. They know which side you look best, that you always like the shots to be vertical (to include your super-tanned legs) and they'll have the patience to take a billion photos of you so you can have the perfect Instagram.

Even the dull moments will be fun

There might be times where you don’t have much planned and are just going to go for a walk or chilling at a park, you can make it fun because just talking with your bestie always leads to laughs and fun times.

So, if you haven't already taken the next step in your relationship with your BFF, there's no better way to start this next chapter than with a sailing trip with us in Croatia. Come and share this next step with us! #GETONBOARD

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