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Croatia's best beaches

There's no doubt about it, Croatia has some of the best beaches in Europe. With it's crystal blue clean water and it's 1000's of islands scattering the Dalmatian coastline, you are sure to find a hidden gem in there somewhere.

The team here at Koda Sail have travelled all up and down the coastline for this difficult assignment to find Croatia's best beaches. Tough job but someone has to do it ;)

So here's some of our favorites to share with you guys. We cover quite a few of them on our Dalmatian Voyager tour, but if you're up for some exploring on your own, here's a few more for you.


Zlatni Rat (AKA Golden Cape) is pretty much the poster boy of Dalmatian beaches, pictured in countless brochures and guidebooks. The pebbly peninsula remains a compelling destination despite the crowds. It's not hard to see why with its clear shallow turquoise seas and amazing views, making it a difficult place to leave. It’s within walking distance of Bol making it even more popoluar amongst those visitng the island.

The cool thing about this beach is that it changes every day depending on the current. The pebbles shift to change the point of the beach, making it an ever changing coastline. The winds at the end make it a favorite for the kite-surfers!


For many of the locals, Split is not so much a city as a religion, centred around a collection of semi-mystic locations. Among the holiest of holies is undoubtedly Bačvice beach! This shallow bay of sand has no doubt played an important role in the early childhood and teenage years of virtually anyone who has ever called the city home. Immensely popular as a family beach, it’s also a buzzing social hub, with cafe's, restaurants and cocktail bars packing the pavilion. Bačvice is also famous for being the spiritual home of picigin, a uniquely Dalmatian sport that involves a lot of acrobatic leaping around as players try to prevent a small ball from hitting the water.


If your idea of a beach is a long strip of sand that stretches away towards the horizon, then you really need to make tracks for Nin. Located 15km from Zadar, Nin’s long Beach contains a small bunch of beach bars with mesmerising views of the Velebit mountains across the water. Don’t be alarmed at the sight of fellow bathers smearing themselves in sludge, the area behind the beach is rich in peloid mud which is an effective natural treatment for sore joints and muscles.


Desert island getaways don’t come much better than on Susak. The tiny island made almost entirely of sand is a ferry ride away from Mali Lošinj. The island’s main beach, Spiaza, is a majestic moon-grey crescent stretching out from Susak village. The bay is very shallow – you need to wade for almost half a kilometre to find sea deep enough to swim in!


Sometimes it’s not just the beach that matters, it’s also about the journey there and back. Getting to Šunj Bay on the island of Lopud involves 50 minute crossing on the passenger-only Dubrovnik-Šipan ferry, followed by a hike over the central hump of the peaceful car-free island of Lopud. Once you get there, you'll agree that the journey was worth it. There’s an informal beach bar at the back of the beach for you to celebrate your arrival :)

Now there are so many more beaches to explore, but the best ones are the ones you stumble across yourself. Get out there and explore the wonders of the Dalmatian Coast to find your hidden gem!

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