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Top Tips: Digital Clean Out

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

These days, making sure you don't forget your tooth brush for that big trip is the last of your worries.

Now as we live, breath and travel in the 'Digital Age' we need to dedicate an entire part of our luggage for our equiptment.

I know some people travel to get off the radar and escape, but with phones and camera's being so advanced, they can help enhance your travel experience as long as you don't let it take over.

Our guest blogger Glenn 'Coco' Kelly aka GK is all about getting the most out of your digital equiptment while on the road and has some Top Tips on travelling with your smart phone to add to that check list before you depart.


Your holiday is a chance to give your phone a spring clean, ready for all the photos you will take while overseas. The backup and clear out also means that sensitive information, images and videos that might be deep in your phone are gone, protecting you if it is stolen or lost.

VERY IMPORTANT: Double check that all your contacts are synced/backed up to iCloud or Google. While losing a phone is hard, replacing contacts is painful. It takes next to no time to do the backup these days, so make sure you get it done before you leave.


Ensure that you carrier at home allows you to use your phone overseas. By having them unlock your phone (which should be as simple as making a phone call to them), this will allow you to purchase pre-paid SIM cards overseas to use instead of worrying about extreme data roaming charges.

If you're deciding not to use your home carrier, switch out your SIM before you take off, or remove it completely. That way there’s no chance of an accidental massive roaming charge.


This is a chance to clear out the junk. For a start get rid of any app you don’t use anymore. Games that are taking up space and use data even when you’re not playing them have got to go.

Apps that are just relevant for when you are home aren't neccesary. Use this space to download apps for the places you are going to. Public transport apps for the cities you are heading to will be most useful, just be sure to delete them as you go, freeing up more space for photos.


Install a data messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. If you will be needing to make calls, SKYPE is still one of the strongest. Add some credit to your account and you will be able to use it to make calls to those not on SKYPE which will save you having to buy a Sim card in each country you are going to.


This can be a life-saver when trying to save battery on your phone for those long days out exploring the cities. It's not likely that you will be making or recieving calls as frequently as you would at home, and it's likely that you are in a different timezone anyway, so switch it over to Airplane mode.

This allows you to use all the phones functions that don't require data. The main one being the camera and also music.


Set a Security Code or Pattern. This small security measure may be enough of a deterrence for someone thinking about taking your phone. And if you are unlucky enough to have your phone stolen, this will make it hard for them to get a hold of any sensitive info you have stored inside, especially any passwords for payment cards!


Turn off Auto Update in the applications menu. If you are roaming you will probably be limited in your daily allowance, so make sure this isn't gobbling up all your data.


Glenn 'Coco' Kelly is part traveller/blogger/awesome video maker (he's responsible for our feature video) who lives in London and enjoys telling a story or two. Go and check out more of his stuff on his website

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