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Sailing tour vs Bus tour. Here's what you need to know!

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

So you want to see Europe but unsure as to what style of holiday suits you best. With so many places to see and with little time, you are stuck with the decision of Quantity over Quality. Do you want to be rushed around to 25 countries in 10 days just to say that you've seen them, in hope that you will return to your favorites one day, or do you take the slower option and see just a few destinations properly to say that you've really done them right and checked them off your list.

Well we've broke down 2 styles of travel for you here to help you decide, Sailing Tours vs Bus Tours. We may be a little biased but these are the hard facts make us love our style of travelling the best!

Here we go!

A sailing tour is great as you only need to unpack once! You can really unpack and hang up all those clothes at the bottom of your suitcase. Heck, there is even an iron on board usually for you to get out those wrinkles. Whereas on a Bus tour you need to unpack and repack every 2nd day. Usually wearing the same old clothes as you just don't have time to get to the bottom of your suitcase with all that rushing around in the morning to get back on the bus!

On a sailing tour you get to sleep in and the captain will safely start the days journey. You'll wake up to the smell of a freshly cooked breakfast and enjoy a morning coffee sitting at the back of the boat watching the land drift away. On a bus tour you need to make sure you’ve set that 6am alarm, because if you miss that bus departure time you better hope there’s a train station close by!

On a sailing tour the pace of travel is slowed right down. There is no rush. Days are spent sailing, swimming, relaxing and getting to know the other travellers on board.

On a bus tour you are cramming in so many destinations with most of the time spent driving between them. Being stuck on a coach all day, you better have a comfy seat and hope for no traffic jams!

On a sailing tour the food on board is amazing and fresh as there is an onboard chef to cater for the group. You get to enjoy a 3 courses with every meal and a cheeky glass of wine if you wish.

On a bus tour you are being rushed to eat a quick 30min meal at a service stop before you have to sprint back to the bus and hope the driver hasn’t left without you!

On a sailing tour you really get to know your fellow travellers. With the freedom to move around the boat freely, you can chill on the sundeck together laughing about the night before or enjoy a fun game of cards against humanity in the dining lounge, or if you like, head back to your room for a lazy afternoon nana nap. On a bus tour, you are stuck for 8-10hrs with the people sitting next to you. You can’t get up and walk around the bus as it’s too dangerous. If you’re lucky enough to fall asleep, you will need a chiropractor when you wake up from the uncomfortable sitting position you got stuck in.

These are just a few things as to why choosing a Sailing Tour is the only way to travel!

No traffic ahead on a Sailing tour. WIN!!

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