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What makes a perfect tour?

Wow. What a question! How about this question back at you first. Define perfect? Tough one isn't it? So many factors go into your tour being the best it can be, and depending on how you take it all in, this can be what makes it perfect.

Over the many years we've been running our tours, perfection is something that we have set out to achieve from the beginning. But just as you think you have it perfect, you find a way to make things even better and improve every week. So can a tour ever be perfect?

We do our best to give you a perfect head start by attracting like-minded travellers, because it's these strangers, that turn into life-long friends that really make it a memorable experience. These friendships you form in just one week make it the perfect tour.

Years down the track when you are recalling on your memory to bring the tour back to life, it's mainly the people that you remember. The funny moments, the great nights out, the adventures you had were all because of the people you were with.

This is why we choose group travel. This is why we choose to have someone else pull it all together for us and take a back seat for the week. We know that there will be some compromises along the way, but the advantages of travelling as a group definitely outweigh trying to do it all on your own.

In just one week you can get the most out of anywhere if you choose the right tour company. Want to eat at the best little local restaurants but don't know which Trip Advisor review to trust? Your tour guide will save you the hassle and show you their favourites from the hundreds of tours they've had passing through before. Perfect!

Want to do that fun activity everyone must do while they are there but it's booked out way in advance, or the lines are too long? Your tour guide has connections in each town and knows how to make it happen, saving you time and giving you the red carpet treatment. Perfect!

There's a fun little wine bar that you've read about for months before the tour, but don't want to go it alone. Ask around your tour group and you'll be sure to have a crew follow you there. This may just turn out to be one of those great memorable nights out. Perfect!

But all in all, what makes the perfect tour are the people you are travelling with. We have done many tours over the years and they have all been 'perfect' because of our guests.

Pick a tour company that is specialising in what you are wanting, with proven years of experience and great reviews and you can't go wrong.


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