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Reasons why you should be sailing the Croatian coastline this year!

Hidden gems you need to know about

For any die-hard Game of Thrones fans, you've no doubt heard of the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

If you've done just a mini bit of research about Croatia then you've most likely heard of the historic town of Split also. Where else? Zagreb the capital and maybe Zadar? What about all the other hidden gems here? Get out an atlas and find these places!

Towns like Makarska, Korcula and Omis pictured below may not be places you are familiar with now, but after you visit there's every chance you'll fall deeply in love with them and be in your heart forever. Sprikled along the Dalmatian coastline inbetween Split and Dubrovnik, make sure these towns are added to your travel bucket-list.

Food here is AMAZINGLY Delicious!

Most people make the assumption that food out here in the eastern parts of Europe is quite bland, black and white, tasteless in a post-communist boiled potatotes sort of way.

If you are one of those not lucky enough to have made it out here just yet and have those assumptions, then you a VERY VERY wrong!

Croatia has a long traditional history with food. Not even decades of communist rule could destroy

this proud culinary history. From the delicious seafood along the coastline to the Italian influenced pasta dishes and the hearty meat dishes of the inland regions, the food here is quite varied and very tasty.

Oh, and the Wine! Make sure you get here for the wine! Enjoying a sunset with a local favorite in hand paired with some Craotian cheese and procioutto can not be beaten!

Dubrovnik is what you expect, plus more!

Being Craotia's number 1 tourist attraction, Dubrovnik does not dissapoint. With it's medievil historic walled city, it's like you are in a scene from Game of Thrones as soon as you walk across the bridge over the moat and through the huge city gates. Walking through the streets or along the city walls, you really get to appreciate this open air museum. UNESCO has protected it as a historic site so you are able to get a great feel of what it would have looked like over 7 centuries ago when this city was built.

The best way to really see Dubrovnik is by walking along the city walls. Getting a bird’s eye view of the labyrinthine alleys and streets of the old city is breath-taking. So if you were thinking of skipping Dubrovnik because it’s too touristy, don’t! You must see it!

Meet like-minded people on-board your ship

If you go on one of our cruises, you're bound to meet like-minded young professional travellers on-board your ship. There will be people from different countries who speak different languages, but everyone will be bound together by the same love for travel, adventure and fun.

Another option is to organize the trip with a group of friends - both big and small groups can work well on these ships! The afternoons on deck are a perfect time to learn about your new and old friends and their home cultures, swap stories about your travels and connect on Instagram or Facebook to keep in contact once the trip is over. We have WiFi on board, although you might find your dream Croatian cruise is the perfect place to disconnect for a while.

Swim stops in the middle of nowhere are just perfect.

Sailing during the day is great! Not only will you be awake to see the gorgeous views of the Croatian coast, but we include daily swim breaks where the boat drops anchor for an hour or two in the sky-blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Gather your courage and jump from the railing of the ship into the sea or grab your snorkel and swim with the fish closer to the shore.

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