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Croatia Sails to the Top of the EuroTrip List

Does spending the day island hopping in shorts and a t-shirt, eating delicious food, sipping cocktails or ice cold beer and hanging out with like minded people sound like your idea of paradise? If the answer is yes, then a sailing holiday in Croatia ticks all the boxes.

Over the past couple of years Croatia has experienced somewhat of a renaissance. Its beautiful west coast has plenty of fantastic beaches, over a thousand islands nestling along it and is lapped by the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is also steeped in history and the city of Dubrovnik with its maritime heritage serves as a shining example of Croatian cool, with its Baroque architecture and marble streets.

When you couple all this with a Mediterranean climate, it’s not hard to see why the young, cool and chic set have been turning up in their droves looking for laidback fun in the sun. One trend that is emerging as an extremely popular way to “do Croatia” is by sail boat, this way you get to see all the best islands and west coast locations in luxury.

Koda Sail offers tantalising sailing tours, with mouthwatering itineraries. By day you’ll visit mountain ranges, national parks, of course you’ll enjoy plenty of swim stops and have the opportunity to experience zip-lining and river rafting, given that you have taken out adequate travel insurance. By night, you’ll indulge in wonderful food cooked by your own personal chef and experience the vibrant nightlife at a range of venues back on land. If you decide to go on Koda Sail’s Beats Tour, your trip will end with 4 days at one of Europe's coolest music festivals. At The Sonus Music Festival you’ll get to dance to great music, enjoy local BBQs and join in on the fun boat parties.

The Croatians love their food, which is an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Central European. The main meal of the day among the locals is lunch, which is often washed down with a refreshing glass of wine. You’ll find plenty of seafood, grilled meats, breaded veal or chicken (Snitzel) and with a huge Italian influence you’ll get some great pizza, maybe even better than Italy itself!

So, it would appear that the likes of Ibiza and the Greek Islands are facing some new and very stiff competition. Croatia really does have everything to offer, a great climate, beautiful beaches and islands and it’s currently one of the most desirable holiday destinations on the planet.

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