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The Ultimate Sailing Trip Packing List!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

For most of us the thought of sailing along the Croatian coastline and island hopping along the Adriatic may seem like only a dream. But for others this has become a reality thanks to affordable touring companies offering up their services, making it easier for you to set sail for that dream trip.

Once you’ve booked the right tour for you, all you need to do now is decide what to pack. I know what you’re thinking...'Packing, what a nightmare!' Just relax, the secret is to remember that less is more!

The Summer is long and warm so you need to pack accordingly. While you can easily pack light for a trip like this, there are some items you will definitely want to include. Below we have listed a few things you need to have handy so you can enjoy your vacation with ease.

Comfortable Clothing

  • You’ll need a few outfits for casual day activities and dressing up at night.

  • 2 swimsuits would be ideal, as you will spend most of your day in a swimsuit, so let one dry and wear the other.

  • T-shirts and shorts are perfect for throwing over a swimsuit or wearing around while you wander the city walls.

  • A Sarong is always a handy travel item. Used as a bathrobe, swimsuit cover up, sleep sheet or even a towel, you wont regret having this item.

  • 1 pair of socks. Yep, that’s all. You most likely won’t even use them!

  • Top Tip: Check out Pinterest for some great travel outfits.


  • 1 pair flip-flops. These will be your main footwear for the entire trip no doubt.

  • A pair black flats or dressy sandals for the girls are ideal for dressing up an outfit for a night out.

  • If you do wear shoes during the week, a small pair of tennis shoes would be handy if you’re doing some exploring on the land.


The goal here is to keep it light. Getting travel sized items is a must otherwise you will be taking up most of your suitcase with these. You can easily buy more when you are over here, so don’t go nuts with bringing your entire bathroom from home.

  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash – Travel sized and TSA friendly.

  • Get yourself a travel sized brush and some hair ties.

Sun protection

While you’re being blown away by the picturesque islands, it’s easy to forget to protect yourself from the sun! Make sure you pack a tube of sunscreen - SPF 30+ no less, a hat and sunglasses (with UV protection).


The boats have their own first aid gear, but it’s always nice to have a little supply of your own. Seasick tablets are always handy if you feel a bit green, however the boats are in calm waters and stop frequently for swim stops so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Small items such as Bandaids, anti-diarrhea tablets, antiseptic cream and headache tablets will be a mini life saver on your trip.

Documents and currency

This is the boring part, but the most important for your trip. The obvious start here is make sure you bring your passport and your personal travel insurance documents. Of course bringing some local currency would be great too, however not necessary if you are starting in a big town like Split or Dubrovnik as they have many money exchange booths to get this done.

The most important thing you need to pack is a great attitude, positive vibes and a carefree mind. The rest will work itself out. Now you’re ready to set sail.

Big thanks to Margaret for sharing her Croatia packing tips!

Margaret is an avid traveller/music journalist/blogger. If you want to follow more of her work follow her on Facebook, Twitter @maggietra and Instagram: mtra

If you'd like to contribute as a guest blogger, contact us directly here

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