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The once in a lifetime trip

Part 2 of Tianha's adventure to Croatia with Koda Sail

As you may recall, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to win a trip of a lifetime to Croatia with Koda Sail, but we had only 3 weeks to prepare! Packing our suitcases for the trip we were both nervous and unsure of what was to come. We had to buy a lot of Summer clothing last minute which was hectic because at the time Australia was in Winter so there weren't many choices. But, we managed to get everything we needed in the small time frame, including a quick passport renewal! The flight over we were both feeling eager, yet excited. We have both been on planes before but never have experienced a long haul flight like this with a stopover in-between. It was actually really hard to adjust to sitting down on a plane for that long, but we survived haha :) We arrived in Split a few days earlier just so we could explore this breathtaking city. While in Split we visited the famous Diocletians Palace and looked around all the markets inside the fortress stone walls. The beaches in Croatia were amazing as we were lucky to soak up some sun and visit few before the sail! The morning of the tour, you wouldn't believe it but it was pouring down with rain. It's like we never left Melbourne! But thankfully the weather did a complete reverse (just like Melbourne) and it was sunshine throughout the rest of the week.

We were introduced to our guide Chris and immediately he made us feel welcome and comfortable aboard the boat. The Koda Sail local Croatian crew on board were also very friendly and helpful, making us feel welcomed and relaxed throughout the whole week. The team always had a smile on their face and made sure we were happy whether it be from the delicious food they were serving us or just having a general chat.

The boat was amazing, it was so clean and spacious (opposed to those awful old wooden boats you see out here haha!). Our room was better than we expected as it was larger, clean and tidy. Having a en-suite and air-condition in the cabin was also a much needed plus. #Winning! All of the places and cities were incredible but the one that stood out to us the most was Dubrovnik. It was a city situated on the coast with massive stone walls and century old buildings. Literally felt like something out of a movie when we were walking in it and around it. A good activity we enjoyed was walking around the city walls, as it also provided us with a speculator view of the city and surrounding sea.

The Buza Bar was something we've never seen before as it was on the edge of the city walls on some rocks. Was one of the best days, just relaxing having a drink then being able to walk a few metres and jump into the ocean! The nightclub Revelin inside the city walls was also fun to visit as we had a blast dancing and hanging out with our new sailing friends.

Another favourite place of ours that we thought was totally underrated would have been Mljet National Park. We spent the day on the island riding around the beautiful lakes and forests and enjoying a swim. It truly was amazing, we had the best day there!

The final night and goodbye dinner was nice to relax and chat with all of our new friends while watching the sunset. Everyone was so lovely on the tour and we're happy to say we made many lifetime friendships from all over the world this week!

Few days after arriving back in Melbourne and reality sunk in... We definitely miss the sunshine and the fun times we had with Koda Sail. How can you beat relaxing on the boat with no worries in the world, instead of waking up for up for work, we were waking up to a beautiful sunrise with a full day of chill ahead of us.

Of course we recommend Koda Sail to anyone wanting to see the beautiful Dalmatian coastline of Croatia. Chris was such an amazing guide/host and he made the entire trip so very memorable with his knowledge and unique character! Thank you to Koda Sail, Rock Steady Entertainment & CIROQ nightclub for this once in a lifetime trip! It was like a dream come true and something we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives!


It was a pleasure to work with the team at Rock Steady Entertainment to put on this once in a lifetime competition and host the winners Tianha & Rafi. It was great to be able to spread the love of travel and show everyone what Koda Sail is all about.

Want to join us in 2018, make sure you're on our subscriber list to be the first to get the Early-Bird deals and #GETONBOARD. Stay tuned for something even bigger with the Rock Steady Crew...It's going to be BIG!

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