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5 reasons why Sailing in Croatia is the boss destination right now!

Heard about Croatia lately? This small Mediterranean country has been drawing a lot of attention recently with all the articles , photos and videos going around…There are more and more tourists, especially nautical tourists heading down to visit this little gem each summer. There's something about Croatia that draws enough travellers to the sea, making it one of the top sailing destinations in the world!

So… what’s with all the fuss? Most importantly, why are so many of you choosing small Croatia instead of the better known, tourism giants such as Greece, Italy, or Spain? Well, perhaps it’s best to answer that question with a list (the internet just love lists!), so here are our top 5 reasons why Croatia is the best sailing destination in Europe!

1. The magical Adriatic sea

Croatia is home to a better part of the Adriatic Sea, a beautiful bay of the great Mediterranean. The Adriatic is a fairly shallow sea, with depths rarely reaching over 50 meters. However it’s not the depth or the size that makes Adriatic so great, it’s the clarity. The water is so clear you can see the sea floor at 5, 10, even 15 meters depending on where you are.

It's a warm sea that reaches 25+ °C in the summer, making it perfect for a swim, even in the deeper regions. Best of all, NO SHARKS, NO DANGEROUS JELLYFISH or any “predators” you should be scared of, so a perfectly safe swim anytime!

2. 1000+ islands to explore

Croatia is also home to more than a 1000 islands! Imagine that, 1000 islands to explore…

Surprisingly, there are only 69 inhabited islands which shows just how untouched Croatia really is. The most popular islands for sailing are the Central Dalmatian islands (Hvar, Brac, Vis, Korcula) in the south, and the amazingly beautiful Kornati archipelago just a bit more north.

And the best thing is, Koda Sail visits most of these destinations, letting you explore the best the Dalmatian coast has to offer.

3. Beautiful beaches

There is a great number of beautiful beaches in Croatia, but most aren’t like the mile long sandy beaches packed with people that you are used to seeing.

Croatia is home to a a lot of small pebble beaches. Some of them large and popular, like the Golden Cape located in Bol (Brac Island), while others are small and secluded like Stiniva (Vis island). The latter, Stiniva is a majestic beach surrounded by high rocks, and crystal clear sea. Small Stiniva was awarded “the best beach in Europe” last season!

With so many beautiful beaches in Croatia, some are hidden away in secluded bays, only accessible by boat. Leave it to our trusty Captain's to find us some gems along the way.

4. The nightlife

Let’s put it like this, if you like to party then come to Croatia! Like most summer destinations Croatia offers a good time for everybody. However it’s taken the nightlife just a step higher than most and here’s how.

There are a number of music festivals held in Croatia, but the best of all is the Ultra Music, held annually in Split and Hvar. ULTRA is a “party giant” held only in a few select places in the world, like Miami, Tokyo, and Split.

There, you can dance to the sounds of the world’s best DJ’s and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can also try one of the many clubs. Our favourites include Deep in Makarska which is literally a cave on the beach and Revelin in Dubrovnik located INSIDE the 700 year old fortress walls of the city. Insane!

5. Amazing culture and food

Much like Italy and Greece, Croatia has one of the oldest european cultures. As most Mediterranean cultures it was heavily influenced by both the Greeks, and the Romans. That’s why you can find amazing architecture everywhere, such as ancient arenas, palaces, and remains of old cities. You can visit some of the most stunning cathedrals in Europe, spend hours in museums and tours exploring Croatia’s history.

All with the Croatian (Slavic) culture added to the mix. That “mix” it what makes Croatia so special and unique. That’s also why the food is so great. Think about Mediteranean cuisine you’re used to finding in Italy with a continental twist. So gooooood!

We could go on for days about how awesome Croatia is, but those top 5 are enough to show you how much Croatia has to offer. So if you want a cool sailing holiday, enjoy eating good food, discovering new places, meeting good people, and wish for just enough sun, sail and sea, look no further than the always beautiful Croatia!

#GETONBOARD with us this Summer with our 7 night Dalmatian Voyager or if you're after that quick escape then be quick to get on our 4 night Adriatic Escape. Spots are limited so contact us today secure your spot.

See you on the seas!

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