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Although small in terms of surface area, Croatia abounds in rich culture heritage. This is substantiated by UNESCO’s World Heritage List with a registered 22 tangible and intangible goods in the Republic of Croatia. There is hardly a city or region where you will not encounter them. Find out if you are familiar with some of them already, and whether they are included on your list of things to see and try on your next trip to Croatia.


Dubrovnik’s fascinating medieval centre enclosed by perfectly preserved walls impressed the English poet Lord Byron so much that he called the city the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Dubrovnik leaves the same impression on its guests to this day. Its beauty even astounds Hollywood producers who chose the city as the location for filming Game of Thrones and Star Wars.


The Roman emperor Diocletian founded the city of Split 1700 years ago as the ideal place to spend his retirement. The city’s residents today call it the “most beautiful city in the world”. Split boasts some fascinating achievements, for example, did you know that this is home to the largest number of Olympic and world medalists per capita?


In the olden days, young men in central Croatia would express their affection and love to girls by giving them their heart – not only metaphorically, but an actual lovely sweet cake in the shape of a heart. The art of licitar-making is passed down from generation to generation, and the licitar has become one of the most recognised symbols of Croatian identity.


Another place in Croatia included on many “must see” lists are the Plitvice Lakes. The Plitvice Lakes are inscribed on UNESCO’s natural heritage list. Sixteen turquoise lakes surrounded by hundreds of white waterfalls that break through green treetops full of blue dragonflies will make you feel like you are in the middle of an enchanted garden.


The Bećarac is a vocal-instrumental musical piece popular in the region of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. It was sung mainly at weddings and other occasions when people would gather to celebrate. Two bećars (young bachelors, boys, jokers) compete in singing verses that are accompanied by tamburica players. The lyrics are often provocative, but in a funny way. They praise one’s own talents, beauty, and skills, and also sing of defiance, spite, and mocking one’s rivals. As we said, the bećarac is the forerunner of battle rap 🙂

There are 18 other tangible and intangible heritage items on UNESCO’s World Heritage List that you definitely must visit, experience, and try. The newest items on this prestigious list are stećci – monumental medieval tombstones, that can be found at two locations: Cista Velika and Konavle. Be among the first in the world to visit this unique artistic and cultural phenomenon in Croatia.

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