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Updated: May 16, 2023

We love love love cheese, and lucky for us, on our Turkey Sailing tours we get to eat lots of it!

Did you know, Turkey has almost 193 different kinds of cheeses! Here is our list of the top 10awesome Turkish cheeses everyone needs to know.


Turkish cuisine is home to many unique tastes, including the varieties of cheese. Cheese plays a leading role in the most flavours of Turkish culinary culture and breakfast table. There are 193 different cheeses in Turkey, with high protein and vitamin values. Just 8 of these cheeses have geographical indication. Then let's learn together the different varieties of cheese all over the country.

  • Aegean Mihalic Cheese

  • Diyarbakir Orgu Cheese

  • Edirne White Cheese

  • Erzurum Civil Cheese

  • Erzincan Tulum Cheese

  • Van Otlu Cheese

  • Ardahan Kuflu Cheese

  • Black Sea Kolot Cheese

  • Varto Goat Cheese

  • Islı Abhaza Cheese


Divle Obruk Cheese: Divle Obruk Cheese, known as the Turkish Roquefort, is one of the best quality 5 cheeses in the world with its unique taste and aroma. This delicious roquefort cheese is produced from sheep and goat milk, takes its flavour from a fermentation technique in a storage cave for months. Kars Gruyere: Kars Gruyere is one of the most famous Turkish cheeses in the world with its tang, rich odor, and flavour. This traditional gruyere cheese is usually made with pure cow's milk or a mixture of cow and goat's milk. It takes its flavour from the quality milk of animals grazing in high plateaus. Ezine White Cheese: Ezine Cheese is the most favourite and important part of traditional Turkish breakfast. This quality white cheese is made of sheep, goat or cow's milk based on the season. Kargi Tulum Cheese: World famous Kargi Tulum Cheese is a very sought-after cheese in Turkey, produced mountainous villages, made from sheep or goat's milk that varies greatly between regions. Lor Cheese: Lor Cheese is a kind of white cheese with a high protein content, low-salt and low-fat. Also, Lor is healthy cheese, used to make lighter versions of Turkish desserts.

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