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Boza, Limonata, Salgam, Serbet, Sira. If you want to have a truly Turkish experience while you are in Turkey, don't forget to try these 5 amazing Turkish drinks. Come and enjoy tasting these traditional Turkish drinks in summer or winter.


Boza is a typical Turkish drink made by triturated chickpea, some cinnamon and sugar. Boza is creamy, yellowish color and usually drunk in winter. In summer it is almost impossible to find this drink. Boza is sold by street sellers or cafes in the winter nights. The salespersons walk through the streets screaming boooozaaaa.


Try smooth Turkish Limonata, if you love Lemonade. Limonata has a smooth, sweet flavour and bright yellow color. It is prepared by cooking the lemons and rind before chilling. Limonata is one of the most popular flavours of summer months.


Salgam is a traditional Turkish drink made from dark turnips and purple carrots. It is served cold in large glasses with purple carrot pickles. Salgam is especially served with Kebab dishes. Some people drink it with Raki saying that it removes or softens the effects of alcohol. It has a dark red or purple color and a very strong soar taste.


Serbet is the world's first soft drink. Serbet is a sweet, cold, fruit flavoured drink, comes in a variety of unique flavours, such as lemon, rose, pomegranate and tamarind. Serbet is best enjoyed during warm summer days.


Sira is a drink slightly fermented grape or apple juice. It is a sweet drink due to the high amount of fructose it contains. You can try Sira with your dishes and see if you like it.

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