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2022 Summer wrap up

We made it! After finishing our final tour of the Summer in 2019, we had no idea it would be close to 3 years until we'd be back in the water running our tours again.

2020 & 2021 were hell for everyone, and let's not speak of them years again. But they did make the return in 2022 so much sweeter. Our guests were hungrier for travel than we've ever seen and just up for a good time!

Tears of happiness were flowing all Summer long. Our first tour back was very emotional, not only for us and the crew, but a lot of our guests booked our tours as far back as late 2019, so to finally get on this trip they had been booked 3 years ago, it was a real sense of achievement.

Was it worth the wait? HECK YES!! Both Croatia and Turkey were buzzing, and the dirty C word was a thing of the past. We acknowledged that it was still around, but with the mandate to be vaccinated in place all the way up until the Summer, everyone was as healthy as they could be and felt confident we could get on with life as we knew it prior to March 2020.

Summer in Europe is like no other. With 99% of our time spent outdoors in the sun, it was the perfect place to be and just remind ourselves that this is what our life used to be like.

For the guests who took the plunge to come this year and not wait any longer, they were able to enjoy one of the best Summers we've ever experienced. Fantastic weather, less crowds and just an overall joyful spirit that travel has brought back into our lives. When something is taken away from you, you really appreciate it 100 times more when you get it back.

So now we look forward. The expectation for 2023 is that it will be fully back to normal, but a LOT more busier. With most of the world getting back on with life, all those travel credits are being cashed in and we're going to see some record numbers.

The biggest problem we're going to face next Summer is the disappointment of those that can't get onto a trip with us as we'll be booked out! Our 2023 season has been on sale for a month already and we're seeing a record number of bookings already.

We're excited to get back into it all again in 2023!

Book your spot with us in 2023 HERE

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